Carbonated Soft Drinks

A range of popular carbonated soft drink variants in unique flavours like Fizz, Cola, Fruiti, Mango, Orange, Pino, Tonic, Zeera and Tamarind.

Saudi Cocktail

Introducing Star Sudi Cocktail: A Traditional Lovable drink in modern packaging, retains the nostalgic flavor. Perfect for all occasion.


لا تكتمل أي مناسبة بدون مشروبات ستار كولا، فهي المشروب المثالي للترحيب بالضيوف في أي مناسبة، كما أنها تناسب جميع الأطباق والمأكولات التي يمكن تقديمها.


ستار فيز هو مشروب ليمون مُبتكر خصيصًا ليمنحك شعورًا غامرًا بالانتعاش ويروي عطشك. انتعش مع كل رشفة من هذا المشروب الفوار والرائع بنكهة الليمون المركز.


Fun, tangy and bubbly – that’s what defines Star Orango best! The soft drink lets you make the most of a moment with its citrusy taste and sparkling bubbles.


A soft drink with a fruity twist, Star Fruiti is loaded with the taste of fun and freshness in every can.


Enjoy the rich taste of mango with the surprising zing of soda. It’s a mango drink like no other.

Zeera Cola

Star Zeera Cola is a spice-based soda that packs a flavourful punch of cumin in every sip. This refreshing drink will tantalise your senses with its lip-smacking taste.


Star Pino is a drink that’s made from ripe pineapples. Now make your favourite mocktails like a pro or enjoy this delicious drink as it is, anywhere anytime.

Tamarind Cola

Star Tamarind Cola is a soft drink unlike any other. This beverage is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a fizzy drink with tamarind’s sweet and tangy flavour.

Tonic Water

A beverage that’s purely made for your drinking pleasure, Star Tonic Water can be enjoyed with mocktails or as a standalone drink.


No occasion is complete without Star Cola drinks, as they are the ideal drink to welcome guests to any occasion, and they are suitable for all dishes and foods that can be served.


Star Fizz is a lime drink that’s truly meant to quench your thirst and refresh you from the inside out. This sparkling lemon carbonated drink is sure to uplift your spirit with every sip.

Energy Drink

Star Energy Drink is a perfect drink for any occasion with an impeccable blend of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, real sugar, and water.Just crack open a refreshing can of Star Energy Drink and energize yourself.


Relish the rich taste of pineapple with Star Pineapple. This great-tasting beverage can be savored as a summer cooler.

Fruit Cocktail

Star Mixed Fruit drink is a refreshing blend that brings together the goodness of different fruits while retaining their own unique taste.


Relish the taste of juicy apples with the Star Apple drink that gives you the perfect combination of flavour and refreshment.


Star Orange brings you the exotic taste of fresh orange that can quench your thirst and delight your taste buds.


Star Mango drink is packed with taste so amazing that each sip is like biting into the rich, juicy fruit itself.

Tonic water

Tonic water is a perfect beverage for drinking pleasure. It can be enjoyed with mocktails or as a stand alone drink

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is a perfect solution for hydration. It has a fizzy sensation on the tongue.

٣٣٠ مل مياة شرب معبأة

اختيارك لمياه ستار يعني اختيارك لأنقى أنواع مياه الشرب، حيث نلتزم بأعلى معايير الصحة والنظافة أثناء تعبئة المياه لنقدم لك مياه شرب صحية وآمنة تتميز بأعلى درجات النظافة والنقاء.