Iuner Molagea: Procurement as a strategic role in these pandemic times

Procurement is traditionally defined as the process of finding, negotiating and acquiring goods and services. But the current challenges presented by a global pandemic have required those in a procurement role – to adapt, evolve and be more responsive. With rising costs of raw materials and transportation, procurement has even a more essential function in any organisation, particularly among manufacturers.
Iuner, Group Procurement Manager at Global Food Industries (GFI) and International Beverage & Filling Industries LLC (IBFI), manages the Procurement Department for both companies and his team oversees Sourcing and Purchasing.

Iuner is very much aware of his and his team’s important role in the organisation. “We are working to build a more competitive procurement team that adds measurable value to the company. We are developing strategic partnerships with our key suppliers and looking at innovations in the way we do things, so that we are able to deliver the right products at the right price in a timely manner,” said Iuner.
Towards this end, Iuner and his team are working on the automation of key procurement processes that will accelerate the P2P cycle and increase the percentage of spend under management (SUM). “Our team is aligning our procurement strategy with the company’s five-year plan. Procurement is now more collaborative with the rest of the departments and will extend its pivotal role in the company. We plan to invest more in professional development and digitalization.”

While there are many challenges that impact businesses around the world, they have also taught us lessons like procurement risk management. “We need to be flexible and adapt to the new reality of having lockdowns, bans, as well as other variables, such as government restrictions or changing tax schemes in different parts of the world. That is why we are exploring some local collaborations now. We are looking more inwards when sourcing goods and services, as the region has developed in the last years and created new business opportunities.”
Iuner is originally from Romania. He has held various procurement positions in several multi-nationals such as P&G and BRF.

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